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DeJarne Bourne, ‘10

Horejsi Scholar

DeJarne BourneDeJarne Bourne

Dejarne Bourne is an artist. Some examples of her work include “Polyphemus,” a six-inch ceramic sculpture recalling an Easter Island statue with one eye, and “A Rotting Bride,” a short video about the naiveté of young women disillusioned by marriage. Both were on display at ASU’s Gallery 100 during the spring 2010 semester as part of the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts senior exhibition — the extraordinary result of four years of hard work.

Bourne graduated in May 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in art and a concentration in intermedia, a program that integrates disparate forms of art such as performance, sculpture and digital animation. But Bourne says she wouldn’t even have attended ASU were it not for the Horejsi Family Scholarship she received. “My parents told me I could go anywhere in the country as long as I could find financial support, so this offered the opportunity to go to ASU,” Bourne says.

“I was incredibly relieved when I got it,” she says. “I didn’t have to worry about gathering enough to cover tuition year after year.” The scholarship also gave her wiggle room to use her own funds to broaden her horizons. In summer 2008, she took a study-abroad trip to Paris, during which her professors insisted she integrate into the French culture. Bourne and her fellow students bought and cooked food from open-air markets, traveled on foot all over the city and interacted with locals. It’s something she says she never would have experienced without her scholarship.

Bourne writes a yearly letter to the Horejsi family to inform them of her studies and thank them for the assistance they’ve provided. “My scholarship has motivated me,” she says. “Someone else has invested in my education, so there’s no slacking off.” When Bourne graduated, she invited the Horejsi family to attend the ceremony. She continues her education at San Francisco’s Academy of Art University, where she plans to get her master’s degree in visual effects and animation. “I’ll continue reaching as far as I can,” Bourne adds.


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