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Mickey and Lorana Whiting

Lorana and Mickey Whiting Lorana and Mickey Whiting have proudly supported ASU through their endowed scholarship since 1987.

For Mickey and Lorana Whiting, the decision to invest in Arizona State University was easy. The Arizona natives are both ASU alumni — he graduated with his business degree and she with her general education degree — and they are still dedicated Sun Devil fans. “We’ve attended all the ASU games for years, football, basketball and baseball,” says Lorana. “And we still go!”

Together, the Whitings built a successful family business called Kaibab Industries, which began as a large Arizona lumber company and today is made up of several Whiting Brothers service stations located throughout Arizona.

After their hard-earned success, the Whitings knew they wanted to give back to ASU. They decided the best way would be through a scholarship, and they established the Kaibab Industries Scholarship at ASU in 1987. The scholarship provides a one-time $2,500 award to a new ASU freshman each year. Since the scholarship was established, it has helped 26 ASU students.

“Our biggest desire at this point in our lives is to help someone attend ASU who otherwise would not be able to,” says Lorana. “There have been a few years where we’ve been able to present the scholarship to the student ourselves, and that is so very rewarding. We want to make a difference, and for these students we are.”

The Whitings look forward to continuing their personal involvment in their scholarship for years to come. “We do it for our love of ASU,” says Mickey. “We want our children to know how much we support this great university.”


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